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Lesvos Taxi Service

Driving you safely throughout Lesvos


Our Taxi Service (Lesvos Taxi Service)

In Greece people generally use taxis when they need transport. Our taxi service was established in 1997 and since then we have been driving people safely throughout Lesvos. The fact that there are no trams, trains or metro on the island, makes our taxi service not only ideal but also convenient to use. Don't spend hours with local transport, just come along with us, sit back, relax and begin your journey pleasantly without any delays. 

Taxi vehicles on Lesvos are equipped with seat belts for all passengers, (A/C) climate control, radio/CD players and digital taximeters which print receipts for each fare. Maxi-cosi, child seats, boosters and roof racks, can also be provided upon your request at no additional charge. Taxis are licensed to carry from 1 up to 4 passengers, we can provide more than one vehicle. We charge per taxi and not per person. Animals are welcome aboard taxis as long as they are clean and in a cage if possible. No additional fee applies for animals that are traveling together with their owners. For animal transfers without guidance, the normal price of the fare will be charged.

Every year the Greek Ministry of Transport oblige taxi owners/drivers to have their vehicles inspected by the Safety & Roadworthy Authority (KTEO). Vehicles are always kept clean, maintained on a regular basis and insured. Taxi drivers hold a professional license.  

Our door-to-door taxi service operates throughout Lesvos and is always available for:

1) Transfers from/to the Airport of Mytilene or from/to any Port of Lesvos; 

2) Tours/excursions, so you can discover Lesvos; 

3) Local transport (for nights out, shopping trips, village/town transport, etc);

4) Immediate service in case of an emergency;   

5) Transport to/from walking routes, bird watching areas, photography/nature scenery;  

6) Animal transfers with/without guidance (the normal price of the fare applies);  

7) Unattended package transportation (the normal price of the fare applies);

8) Transport on special occasions (VIP, weddings, christenings/baptisms, etc.).

We are recommended by TripAdvisor and also by many worldwide travel companies/agencies. According to what is written in our guestbook and from reviews that many of our clients leave on the internet, show that our taxi service is not only safe, reliable, responsible, friendly, honest and understanding, but also the most popular type of transport used on Lesvos. We always have a smile on our face while we drive our clients to their desired destination/holiday resort. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information about our taxi service or taxi fare prices.

 Theo:   (+30) 697 220 3663

 Astrid: (+30) 693 489 5338


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